His own two feet

Holy Cannoli does time ever fly when you have kids. In the last month Stinker Pants has decided that he doesn’t want to sit, and crawling isn’t good enough either. He wants to STAND and stand he does! He gets himself standing using anything, the couch, the coffee table, the wall, his ball popper. His favorite place to stand though is the dining room, he loves our counter height chairs, they are the perfect height to hold for support. Part of my heart breaks to see him standing because it means we aren’t too far away from those first steps which means MORE independence from Mama. It is still exciting to see him grow, develop, and become his own person. I can’t wait to see him develop more of his own personality, and interests! Image



I have finally done it, I have entered the world of Twitter. I have avoided it for a really long time, I feel like I get enough updates from Facebook. However, I have started following a number of other blogs that offer FANTASTIC giveaways and being Twitterless, I was missing out on an extra entry opportunity. So here I am MamaMelH . Follow it, love it – you know you want to!

An important anniversary

Two years ago today, we went to a local shelter to look for a dog. Instead, we came home with a three month old puppy. We chose her because she looked like the puppy version of a dog that the Mister’s family had. A couple weeks in we were losing our mind between potty training, and middle of the night crying. I forced the Mister to stick with it, because there was no way I was going to bring this dog back, I knew she could grow into a great dog. Now there are times that she annoys the bejeezus out of me, but she is a part of our growing family and a part that I can’t imagine living without. Happy 2 year adoption anniversary to our chow hound. Image

Menu Plan

I’m going to jump into this with an easy, non threatening first post. I began menu planning a couple years ago. I started doing it for a few reasons: 1) I never have to wonder what is for dinner. 2) I can go grocery shopping once a week and get everything that I need for the week. 3) It saves money because I go in with my list of what I need and don’t load up the cart with “extras”.
This year I have started writing down our meals on a calendar, my goal is to not repeat a meal during a month. Pinterest has me anxious to try new things, this is one way to help me do so!

We still have somewhat of a routine to the things we eat in a week. I try to have at least one night with a beef dish, one night with chicken, and one meatless entree. I usually will have a pasta, and something Mexican. I have 7 nights of meals listed but they pretty much never stay in that order. I hope to start sharing recipes soon!

Night 1 – (Crockpot) Honey Sesame Chicken Legs with Rice

Night 2 – Stuffed pepper soup

Night 3 – Monterey Chicken

Night 4 – Chop Suey

Night 5 – Leftovers

Night 6 – Chipotle Chicken Tacos

Night 7 РSpinach and Red Pepper Frittata