Menu Plan

I’m going to jump into this with an easy, non threatening first post. I began menu planning a couple years ago. I started doing it for a few reasons: 1) I never have to wonder what is for dinner. 2) I can go grocery shopping once a week and get everything that I need for the week. 3) It saves money because I go in with my list of what I need and don’t load up the cart with “extras”.
This year I have started writing down our meals on a calendar, my goal is to not repeat a meal during a month. Pinterest has me anxious to try new things, this is one way to help me do so!

We still have somewhat of a routine to the things we eat in a week. I try to have at least one night with a beef dish, one night with chicken, and one meatless entree. I usually will have a pasta, and something Mexican. I have 7 nights of meals listed but they pretty much never stay in that order. I hope to start sharing recipes soon!

Night 1 – (Crockpot) Honey Sesame Chicken Legs with Rice

Night 2 – Stuffed pepper soup

Night 3 – Monterey Chicken

Night 4 – Chop Suey

Night 5 – Leftovers

Night 6 – Chipotle Chicken Tacos

Night 7 – Spinach and Red Pepper Frittata 


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