Time has gotten away from me!

It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve written anything, so much for staying on top of this. New month resolution – blog more! March has been a busy month- between school, a fast moving baby, and starting a new job adventure; I’m pooped! A couple weeks ago I became a consultant for Diaper Parties. I decided it was time to take my fluffy butt addiction to the next level, and try to make some money from it. I am so excited to be able to spread the word about cloth diapering, baby wearing, and natural parenting products! Right now my big goal is to get my name out there so I can start doing consultations and parties. I’ve been working daily at finding new ways to reach people so hopefully my business will start growing soon! We have been busy with visitors and visiting others. This has been our first free weekend all month! Yesterday we took Piglet downtown to see the Easter bunny, and took Ali for a hike on one of our favorite local trails. Today we are laying low with a venture to the park so Piglet could try out the swings. Yay for warmer weather!


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